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JOSWE Medical is a private limited liability pharmaceutical manufacturing company established in Jordan since 2000.

Since its establishment JOSWE Medical has positioned itself as one of the leading companies in the region to apply advanced research and development to the generic pharmaceuticals through its strategy of improving the drug delivery technology and thus improving the effectiveness of medicines.

JOSWE Medical has obtained credible feedback from professional medical practitioners and has established a reputation for high quality medicines in the Jordanian and the regional markets.

Partner Companies


Status of the leading enterprise of the pharmaceutical branch in the Republic of Belarus with a 50-year history of success in the market is a result of professional activities of the plant in effective medicines developing and production. The 200 denominations of medicines of 12 pharmacological groups - generic drugs. And annually adds to their products list about 10 most popular drugs.

The volume of industrial production in current prices in 2015 amounted to - 1 766 billion rubles. (equivalent to - 111.0 million $).

Pharmaceutical factory “BORISOVSKIY ZAVOD MEDICINSKIKH PREPARATOV”, JSC bets against the continuous development and modernization: more than 300 already mastered manufacturing techniques are supplemented with new technologies; equipment stock is updated regularly and production certification for the compliance with GMP is consistently carried out.

Contemporary equipment, new technologies, the most accurate methods for products quality control, qualified staff - all these items determine the fact that tens of millions of people around the world entrust Pharmaceutical factory “BORISOVSKIY ZAVOD MEDICINSKIKH PREPARATOV”, JSC with the most precious - their health.

Amman Pharmaceutical Industries (API) is a rapidly growing specialty pharmaceutical company established in 1989 as a niche pharmaceutical  manufacturer.

Located in king Abdullah II industrial estate - Sahab/ Amman, with six production lines, 25 exports markets, and more than a hundred and ten officially registered products,API has excelled as a leader in the pharmaceutical manufacturing both, locally and regionally.

It has been  founded with an approach geared towards pharmaceutical excellence and shareholder's return value.

API's management has and continues to place special attention towards its production facilities.  Occupying a site of around 5000 Sq.m, more than 90% of the facility is dedicated to production, packaging, R&D, and other production and manufacturing specific activities.

Manufacturing excellence has been exemplified through the accreditation of API facilities and, hence its products, by the authorized pharmaceutical and health bodies of more than 22 countries in which API products are being sold.


Generis currently holds a portfolio of almost 200 different molecules making it the Company with the largest portfolio in Portugal and one the largest in Europe